In our society people find it easier to have sex then to love. It feels safer to keep distance and analyse the world then to come close and give shelter. To feel and being felt is one of the most scariest things in our lives. It was Henri's inspiration for making his ongoing serie 'Touched'.
She would take the train from 9 a.m. to Dordrecht station. So I could pick her up at 10.30 a.m. for a drive to 'the castle'. Being able to start taking pictures around noon at a dilapidated greenhouse, with the sun in what seemed to be the right position. My hunch didn’t cheat on my. Yes, she showed up, but only three strange messages and three hours later than agreed.

A and a half hour drive followed with - between difficult silences - talks about her departure from London to Amsterdam, her work in a coffee shop , the daily joints she needed, nude photography and my way of working. It all passed. She was obvious restless and tired, with large bags under her eyes. Nice and friendly too, but I had no idea anymore what kind of work I could make with her.

At the castle waiting another three quarters of an hour for a little bit of makeup and some fiddling with her hair. Hiding my rising impatience quite well. Four hours later than planned, still raised to the old, dilapidated greenhouse. Feeling a little bit uncomfortable, quietly taking pictures for twenty minutes with her behind the weathered and partially turned green windows.

Afterwards, against all odds, asking her to take place in the dark loft of the gardener behind the large glass door, facing southwest. Decorated on the inside with dust and the remains of cobwebs. On the outside framed with climbing plants. Me finding my way through weeds and bushes to the few square meters behind the loft of the gardener. Pushed a little tree roughly aside to make room for me and then...?

No, not the special moments you sometimes achieve followed, but magical minutes. More than three quarters of an hour: amazing light – sometimes interrupted by a cloud - falling through a roof of leaves, accentuating the remnants of spider webs and dirt on the windows, with her as a classic and fragile beauty, searching and not knowing beyond them. I madly in love with me camera in between.

For days in a row enjoying the pictures we made, from which just 6 days later - the first time I seriously presented some prints of my work - two ended up in the art collection of Generali the Netherlands, including one made during the first 20 ‘uncomfortable’ minutes at the greenhouse. Pictures that made me return many times to this wonderful place, where my love for old windows is born.

What if my hunch had cheated on me that day and nicely prepared Jasmine had arrived in time?

Don't hesitate to contact Henri when you like his work and would love to be part of it.He prefers to work with people who are moved and inspired by his work. You don't need to be experienced or have a so-called perfect face or perfect body. Henri's work is about meeting beautiful people, who are motivated to make something special with him.
Courses and lectures
Henri loves to tell about his approach of photography and sharing his experience and knowledge with others. He's an excellent teacher and speaker. Like in his photography he's teaching improvising and by intuition, trying to find out what works best for the participants. Coaching while taking photos, helping developing a personal style, photography trips, a workshop or personal learning ... it's all possible and can be organized on demand.Henri is also available for lectures about his photography as a whole or about certain aspects of it. His lectures can inspriring, moving and inspiring at the same time.
Limited edition prints
Some of Henri's photos are for sale in a limited edition of 3 or 7 prints (+ 1 artist proof). If you're interested in buying one you can send a message for more informatiion.
Carice van Houten
In 2013 Henri did a 90 minutes portrait session with Dutch actress Carice van Houten. Like other sessions photos were taken improvising and by intuition. It resulted in 10 approved portraits. One of them is published in Henri's book 'In search of intimacy'.